Monday, January 18, 2021


So since my last post, a lot has changed but to be honest I am in shock of how many others can relate to the reality of this “reality show” we call youth sports.

Anyway, back to it. 

My kid’s journey was filled with lots of ups and lots of downs. We learned a lot but also failed a lot too. I guess that is just part of the process and makes it all the more interesting. The most difficult part for me though, was seeing how, not the kids, but the adults would be so quick to tear down children and use them as pawns for their own personal gains and agendas.

Seeing my kid go from having fun and feeling confident in herself, to crying and feeling as though she did not want to play anymore, sent me to places mother’s should not have to go emotionally and spiritually...

I will say this! People are very lucky that I am not as crazy as some other parents!!!

Mama bears and papa bears out there know EXACTLY what I’m talking about. In the end all of it is a learning experience and an opportunity for growth.

We finished off her the first couple years with another level of understanding of how “the game” is played. We did what we could do to put her in a position to grow and get better, but the mental exhaustion was still too much.

As she got older and entered High school we chose to focus on that and try to let go of AAU for the moment. It took a lot for her confidence to return and it was a slow process.

What I realized needed to be done was a complete removal from the politics, the bullshit and the negative energy.

So we took a time out. I let her be a kid, have fun. Workout less, and have more free time.

I found trainers that focused on QUALITY over quantity. Genuine, caring, positive trainers that began to help her build her confidence.

People came to me to share how they felt she had been an amazing kid and a quality player. I shared all positive feedback with her.

I let her know that if people who have seen you from young and have watched your progress can see that you have potential, you have to believe it’s real.

Her confidence and game began to grow and her focus shifted.

She began to play “in the moment” and realized that her body could do things that she didn’t think it could.

She began to implement what she was learning and focused on “HER” style of play!

Our journey is not completely over, but it is at a pivotal stage. It’s make or break time for her and we will continue to follow the new path carved out for us.

It is still difficult not to allow social media hype and politics to creep in, but truly we understand that nothing is promised and all we can do is walk the path laid out and leave it ALL on the court at any given moment.

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