Thursday, July 30, 2020

Recruiting in a "THE CORONA ERA"

Well, it is obvious that "RONA" has cancelled Spring and now Summer evaluation periods.  Word is on the street that NCAA will adapt and provide colleges an opportunity to view players in September.  

So, what now?

1. Be honest with yourself and create an attainable list of colleges

When looking at schools that you want to attend, create a list of things that you want out of your college experience. Do your homework and make sure that the academics and athletic program aligns with your wants.

There likely won’t be a perfect match but if you come up with your non-negotiables (ex: Major, proximately to home, and style of play) you will be able to come up with 8-10 schools that you could envision yourself playing for, maybe more.

Then it's all about narrowing down the first draft, but be sure to be REALISTIC.  For example, If you are being recruited mostly at the D2 level, then focusing on D1's might not be the best way to speak your time.  

2. Speak up for yourself

Now that you have a "short list" hit the internet and look up the various programs' ENTIRE coaching staffs .  (Be strong and resilient because some coaches get many emails and might check immediately).

Here in a quick "resume style" where you should include all pertinent information, FULL games trump a highlight video, but send whatever you have access to be sure to include your stats,
awards you received and of course your GPA. And in today's world include social media ex. Twitter handle), your coach’s contact information and links to any articles that feature you.  

3. "Hi Coach - How are you?"

Now clear your voice, practice in the mirror and get on the phone and introduce yourself.

Here’s a cheat sheet.

Hey Coach ______, this is Fred Stephens. I’m a 2022 and I’m very interested in your program. I sent you and the coaching staff an email last week with some game film that I would love to get your feedback on the video and "resume" that I sent and if you have concluded your recruiting efforts for the upcoming year.

Your goal is to get a feel for the Coach and introduce yourself all the while answer any questions you might have.

Welp, enjoy the process and stay ready!

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