Friday, May 22, 2020


There is no doubt the current situation has put a damper on the life as we once knew, however with change comes an opportunity to grow and advance.

Many people have used the “shelter in” / “stay home” narrative to become and in some cases remain relevant by way of social media platforms.  Whether via Tik Tok, Periscope (Twitter), and of course the ever growing use of Instagram’s “Live” platform many are turning their cell phone's into a broadcast station.  

Although we applaud such ventures and exposure to a wide variety of “interviews” we are left with several post COVID-19 questions.

  • Sustainability - As life returns to “normalcy” will the interviews cease due to life being life?
  • Duplication - Granted there are tons of people to “talk” to via social media, but how many (same) stories are worth being heard on various platforms?
  • Organization - With everyone have the same abilities and access to create a platform perhaps the creation of IGlive Guide is needed.  This will allow viewers to focus on one interview as opposed to jumping in & out of each event.

In conclusion, we are thrilled that people are using their time wisely by taking advantage of  their “apps”, however as with most things in life remaining consistent is a must.  In addition, the introduction of fresh, up and coming guests are essential to a long standing presence in the ever changing landscape. Not to mention, having a sense of respect (professionalism) for others who have "stuck their toe" in the media muddy waters. 

So keep creating and #STAYSAFE

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