Sunday, July 22, 2018


As we read various publications and monitor the different social media outlets we are forced to read/watch a lot of "stuff" that can help as well as hinder a players' basketball development.

It seems like yesterday, when we "tossing" tennis balls in the air and trying re-create the (basketball) "wheel".   Through various trials and tribulations, we decided to focus our development program on OLD FASHION fundamental based tenets.  It was at this point, (circa 2010) we created our 7 DEADLY BASKETBALL SKILL list. (IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER)

1). Passing
2), Ball Handling
3). Shooting
4). Footwork
5). IQ development
6). Defense
7). "Tool Box" development

As we fast forward to 2018, this skill list has become the bedrock of our development program.  We would contend the "new age" of training is in fact innovative, but despite the "out of the box" training techniques that may exist the idealogy builds upon the aforementioned skills.

We urge players and skill trainers to TRY as many aids, tricks, etc as possible to enhance a players skill set, but while doing so - please ask yourself "would you train Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Larry Bird, Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, Pau Gasol, Lebron James or Tim Duncan with the same "innovative" drills or will you revert back to the SE7EN DEADLY BASKETBALL SKILL list?

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