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According to Webster, LOYAL means "An unswerving in allegiance. Faithful to a cause, ideal, custom, institution, or product". Although many people claim such status, however as it relates to the basketball landscape this concept "looks good on paper".   

As a basketball training company, we have heard stories about AAU/CYO organizations (coaches) preaching to parents/players the importance of program loyalty yet on a yearly basis coaches switch programs without any type of backlash from their peers.  Last year, we spoke to a parent regarding in speaking with a coach regarding his child playing for another AAU team.

US: "So are you playing with _____ in the upcoming spring tourney"?
PARENT: "No, we are NOT playing in the tourney at all"
US: "Why?"
PARENT: "Our team is not entering a team in our age group"
US: "So, why not play for another team so you can get under the whistle"
PARENT: "We do not want to upset the apple cart"
US: "Huh, but okay"

HINDSIGHT: At season's end, the anxious (talented) player - not only missed out on an opportunity to play on a different team for the mentioned program, but later was "dropped" from "home" team being that the entire program was absorbed by another program.  Meanwhile, the "coach" left for a rival program.
As a college basketball fan, we have heard the stories about college/univeristies preaching to parents/players and convincing the media about the importance of program loyalty, yet on a yearly basis coaches switch programs without any type of backlash from their peers. Recently, the NCAA put forth a rule that could change the landscape of all athletic programs throughout the country. The proposed rule would allow any athlete to transfer from one school to another without having to sit a year. Such a proposed rule has caught flack from coaches throughout the entire industry. 

SCOTT DREW ( INTERVIEW.  "It would be the worse rule ever.  It would be the wild, Wild West.  Coaches don't agree on everything. On this, I think we'd be UNANIMOUS" 

HINDSIGHT: It is well documented that NCAA coaches make millions of dollars leading young men and women in "athletic battle" some, like Scott Drew, raked in over 2 million for the 2015/16 academic year.  There is no secret their livelihood depends on student-ATHLETES who can perform on a high level, however is it fair for the coaches to not to heed their own words of loyalty?  Especially, when MANY coaches "switch" colleges on a yearly basis.

As a business, we have heard stories about professional teams preaching to agents/players and convincing the media about the importance of team loyalty yet on a yearly basis players are traded from team to team.  In April of 2017 in the midst of the Eastern Conference playoffs, (former) Boston Celtic star IsaiahThomas lost his sister in a deadly car crash in Tacoma, Washington.   Although Mr. Thomas, felt anguish, he decided to continue to perform for the Celtics as they battled the Chicago Bulls.  He cited his family, the fans and organization's support and loyal as a reasons to continue the basketball journey.  These sentiments were echoed by the team's brass yet in August (2017) Isaiah was sent packing to "THE LAND" for fellow all star performer and "loyalist" Kyrie Irving.  

KEVIN DURANT (Bill Simmons' Podcast) INTERVIEW. “Guys have been getting traded in their sleep for years. Guys have been getting the shitty end of the stick for years. I mean, some guys have been fucking over organizations, too. It’s no loyalty. It’s business. There’s money involved.”


Q. So, the question remains - who has "An unswerving in allegiance. Faithful to a cause, ideal, custom, institution, or product". 


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