Saturday, July 29, 2017


As the summer comes to an end and majority of the youth basketball players return home from traveling throughout the country there are a few observations that we witnessed throughout the summer however we will address one MAJOR issue in this blog entry. 

Having watched many trainers post samples of their workouts and players endorse "big name" skill instructors, we noticed the various drills are not being applied to REAL game situations.  

This blog entry is NOT to "kill" anyone trying to making a difference, but would recommend most trainers to apply a "work smarter" approach to increasing a player's game.  We would also like to stress the parents to be aware of "bait & switch" techniques as well as inform the trainees (the products) to study their game and hold the skill instructor accountable for ADDING to their game as opposed just filling the allotted time with irrelevant drills.

Back to the gym aka GROUND ZERO!

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