Thursday, November 24, 2016

"Thank you but NO thank you"

Dear Dad and/or Mom,

As our child and a youth athlete, I would like to officially thank you for introducing me to the sport that I love.

You, literally, put the ball in my hands when I was using it as teething ring and started my journey. You promised not to push me and allow me the opportunity to decide if i truly wanted to follow my dreams.  Later you promised to be my friend, my supporter, my everything except overbearing. 

Did I say, "thank you" for putting me in tournaments and "not" pushing me to become successful. If I did not, please allow me the opportunity to say, "THANK YOU" (again).

I mean, you - despite the fact you never played and were more of a fan- made the most of your ability.  Despite our lack of funds, you traveled with me to all of my games and did whatever it took for me to become successful, but today, sadly, I must end our relationship. You might be asking, "Why- such a change?" and my answer is in order for us to remain a family we must establish a break - a line in our relationship must be created because the trainer, motivation leader, coach / child relationship is toxic and can adversely affect the parent / child relationship. 

I am truly sorry, but I - as I matured- became annoyed at you and your attitude towards me. As well as your lack of acknowledging my efforts even I busted my ass (sorry for cursing) for you to win those various championships. Now, I am not soft nor do I need to be praised at all times, but there are times when I needed to know that I am appreciated. I mean shoot (would have said "sh_T" but I respect you too much) you are my parent and I love you.  

In essence, I love you too much to allow a ball to break up our happy home. 
I love you too much to allow the hearing of your voice to immediately change my overall attitude. 
I love you too much to allow you to become a part of the problem as opposed to part of the solution. 
I love you too much for me to allow you to become Jake Shuttlesworth.

So, thank you for giving me the drive to be successful and allow me the opportunity to become me - on my own terms despite your "promises". I hope you are able to make my games, training sessions and practices etc, but please remember I am your child first and foremost.

Thank you

Your Child..

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